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Judaism is not just a religion, but also our multi-faceted way of life that can find expression in a multitude of ways; our synagogue is more than just a place of prayer, but a pluralist, communitarian hub where Jews live their Judaism in all its aspects.  Judaism, the way of life of Jews, can be lived through prayer, learning, and myriad forms of engagement and connection (social justice opportunities, social functions for all ages, Netzer activities, Israel advocacy and more). 

We believe the synagogue is the hub of Jewish communal expression, a place of inclusion and pluralism.  We believe the more doors that are open, the more pathways there are to walk into our community home.  Accordingly, we affiliate with Masorti, Progressive and Renewal Judaism, each one of which has its own understanding of Judaism and its corresponding style of inspiring prayer.

MasortiMasorti minyan

We believe the divinity of our texts is a given, whether revealed directly to us by God or written by humans via divine inspiration. Stemming from the Hebrew word Tradition, Masorti Judaism continues in the practise of our people to use the anchor of our faith and history to light the way forward with wisdom and understanding, using the tools of interpretation to find flexibility while maintaining the mesora, tradition of our people. Rituals and practices are maintained, but always in a dynamic way, whether through reinterpretation, or modifying for a more contemporary approach, straddling the tension between our history and our modern vibrant lives.    

Find out more about the Masorti movement here


We join the chain of tradition through the evolution of Jewish principles in light of contemporary understandings. We introduce innovation whilst preserving tradition, embrace diversity whilst asserting commonality, affirm belief without rejecting doubt, bring faith to sacred texts without sacrificing critical scholarship. With an emphasis on Tikun Olam, we hear the voice of the prophets calling us to be God’s partner in changing the healing the world through acts of social justice. 


We have a very contemporary way of using ancient traditions. It has a meditative and mindful approach to Judaism, which incorporates the wisdom of the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism.  Jewish Renewal aims to make Jewish practice a mind, body, emotion and spirit experience.


Fri, 12 July 2024 6 Tammuz 5784